Batman Arkham Origins game surrenders to freemium format on iOS

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Batman: Arkham Origins

On October 25, another game exploring the Bat Man franchise arrives at the App Store. Batman: Arkham Origins, made with the same engine as the Infinity Blade (the Unreal Engine).

However, the iOS version will be quite different from that of consoles. Everything indicates that it will be a remake from the already existing Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, in which the player simply fights with several enemies, without the freedom to roam freely through the scenarios. The difference is that the first one today costs $ 5.99, while the next one will be free, with internal purchases.

Check out the video:

As stated above, it is expected to arrive on the App Store on the same day as the worldwide game launch for consoles, October 25. It will be compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

We discussed the pros and cons of the Freemium format well in the second edition of our IThing Magazine. If you haven’t read it yet, download it while it’s free (link). ?