Batfree wants to be the first battery strap for Apple Watch that matters

Batfree wants to be the first battery strap for Apple Watch that matters

The world has already seen some attempts – indeed failures, it is quite true – to create an Apple Watch bracelet with an internal battery: most of them never even left the paper due to the lack of technical conditions and, possibly, interest on the part of consumers. The manufacturer Togvu, however, wants to change this status quo.

The company activated on Kickstarter a campaign for Batfree, a bracelet for Apple Watch that promises to add about 27 hours of life to the watch – which, in its current edition, can keep itself alive for about 18 hours in normal use.

The bracelet has two internal batteries of 300mAh each and makes using the Apple Watch a little less comfortable because of its thickness; its creators, however, claim that the addition in the thickness and weight of the watch is basically imperceptible in everyday life. To preserve the internal battery of the watch, charging is not continuous: you press a button on the strap to start charging the device whenever you want.

Even more surprising is the statement that the accessory does not interfere with any feature of the Watch: according to Togvu, the bracelet does not prevent the functioning of the sensors at the bottom of the watch and preserves the heart rate reading, the drop sensor and the ECG without any prejudice. Batfree is made of silicone and has an IP68 water resistance certificate, so it can withstand the same weather as the device itself.

The bracelet recharges the watch by the traditional method of contact and has a proprietary port to be recharged. When you plug it into power with the Apple Watch docked, it will charge first, ensuring the health of your internal battery.

Batfree is compatible with Apple Watches Series 2, 3 and 4, and has models for all watch sizes. The Kickstarter accessory campaign is already approaching the goal, and interested parties can contribute with a minimum of $ 45 to guarantee a unit – when launched, the bracelet will cost $ 80. Its creators estimate that shipments will begin in May 2019.

via Cult of Mac