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Basketball app demonstrated in September keynote wins AR feature

Anyone who attended Apple’s special event last month will probably remember that Apple demonstrated several applications that use augmented reality and artificial intelligence to announce the processing power of the new iPhones. Among these is the HomeCourt – The Basketball App, which received, this week, the update announced in the keynote.

Basically, the app uses machine learning to understand what is happening on the basketball court. With the update, developers have implemented the feature Shot Science, which allows the app to track a number of different metrics that affect the player’s accuracy when shooting, including how long it takes to release the ball, how high it bounces and the angle at which the ball is released – all using just the iPhone camera.

Data collected by HomeCourt

To do all of this, the app takes advantage of Apple technology called Core ML, which allows the artificial intelligence components of iPhones to work more efficiently and use less processor power. According to the app’s co-founder, David Lee, the processing power of the new Apple smartphones is dramatic.

The iPhone XS is the first iPhone that has the performance that we can really enjoy. In the last generation, the delay is a few seconds. The specific improvement in the hardware itself is dramatic.

Lee also said that the app was created because he couldn’t hit a pitch and wanted to understand why. It is interesting to note that the update was developed under the guidance of the winner of two “Most Valuable NBA Player” awards (Most Valuable Player, or MVP), Steve Nash, who also attended Apple’s special event.

The HomeCourt – The Basketball App is available for free on the App Store. The application is compatible with iPhone 6s and later, with iPad Pro (2016) and later and with the sixth generation iPad.

Currently, it is possible to register a maximum of 300 photos for free each month – the counter will be updated at the beginning of each month. To access all features of the software, you must subscribe (R $ 31 / month).

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via Business Insider