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Basic Linux Terminal – Learn Top Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts for Linux terminal, learn the basics to make the terminal a more productive tool

Know the main keyboard shortcuts for using a Linux terminal, with these tips your productivity will surely increase.

shortcuts to the Linux terminal

Check out some tips to make your life in Linux terminal faster

Ah the terminal! What a beautiful program you are! I find it extremely valid to explain, especially for beginners, how useful a terminal can be, that's right, it's not complicated, quite the contrary, it's simple.

Nowadays with distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint the terminal has once and for all become what it should have always been, a powerful tool for those who want to use it and not the only way to do things.

As you are reading this article I assume you want to know a little more about the terminal and use it more smoothly, there is a lot of material you can read and see too, like this video where I showed the basic commands from the Ubuntu terminal. Hotkeys can greatly help your productivity, so here are some hotkeys you can use on any Linux distro you use:

Ctrl-A: Takes Cursor to Line Start

Ctrl-E: Takes the cursor to the end of the line.

Ctrl-B: Returns one character.

Alt-B: A word back.

Ctrl-F: Avana one character.

Alt-F: Advance a word.

Ctrl-U: Deletes all characters from the stroke position backwards.

Ctrl-K: Deletes all characters from the cursor position forward.

Ctrl-Shift-V: Paste the text of the clipboard.

Ctrl-Shift-C: Copy the text to the clipboard.

Ctrl-L: Clears the screen.

TAB: Complete the commands and file names and directories.

These are some of the shortcuts I know that I use the most, do you know any more? Then add the information through the comments to make the article even more complete.

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