Basemark launches Basemark GPU 1.2, an advanced benchmarking tool


In the world of technology, having good tools for benchmarking (comparative tests) is something extremely important, and helps us to have some parameters when evaluating the products or apps we choose. There are several on the market and today we are going to show you the Basemark GPU.

For those unfamiliar, the Basemark GPU is developed by the company Basemark Oy, based in the city of Helsinki in Finland. The company also develops the Rocksolid Engine software, which according to their website, is «a world leading solution for real-time graphics and computing software for mission-critical industrial applications.» This brings a lot of confidence and credibility to the company.

The company also says that the development of the Basemark GPU 1.2 is done in close cooperation with the main manufacturers of processors and electronic components, thus making the tests made in the app not only objective, but relevant.

The main characteristics presented by the company, in relation to its benchmarking application, are:

  • Support for the following operating systems: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows;
  • Support for the following graphic APIs: DirectX 12, Metal 2, OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan 1.0;
  • Three different modes: High Quality for high-performance desktops, Medium Quality for laptops, “average” computers and powerful premium smartphones and Simple Quality for embedded devices, “simple” computers and entry-level smartphones;

Downloading the Basemark GPU

On the download page, you can choose which operating system you prefer, but here we will teach you how to install on Linux, which is very easy, as it is available in flatpak format. If your system is not yet supported, see this tutorial. After following it, just type the following command in the terminal:

flatpak install flathub com.basemark.BasemarkGPU

If you prefer, you can install it via the app store, just restart your computer after adding the flathub repository, as shown in the “linked” tutorial just above.

That done, just wait for the installation to finish and look for the program in the menu of your distro ?.

I think it’s really cool and good that programs like this are available for Linux, in addition to Windows and macOS, because that way the penguin crowd is not “helpless” ?.

In case of doubts, access our forum Diolinux Plus, see you in the next article, big hug!