Baseball team uses Apple Watch to cheat in game [atualizado: ou não!]

Baseball team uses Apple Watch to cheat in game [atualizado: ou não!]

Since the Apple watch was released, it always had great potential for more “noble” activities related to health, fitness, among other things.

However, like everything else in the world, the person using the technology is the flawed human being who can misrepresent the use of the device into the “dark side of the force” and that is exactly what happened with the Ma watch.

According to New York Times, the american baseball team Boston Red Sox the current leader of the Eastern Division of the American League would have used Apple Watches to cheat in a game against the New York Yankees.

The American Baseball League (Major League Baseball, or MLB) began the investigation into the team following a complaint from Yankees general manager Brian Cashman. He sent evidence including a video showing the Red Sox assistant coach consulting his Watch on the bench and then signaling to other players. The information displayed on the small and discreet device would be the possible moves made by the catcher adversary (receptor).

After a two-week investigation was conducted, the team confessed to using the technology to get images of the game, passing the signals to other players.

Watching signals from opposing teams allowed when a runner on second base can perceive visual signals between the catcher it's the pitcher (pitcher) and then passes the information to your team. However, this practice is not allowed if electronic devices are used for signal capture.

Even with the confession, it is not known if Red Sox suffers penalties for it. However, the "genius" used for evil seems not only to be tied to the players of this team, as they have accused the Yankees of cheating signals through YES television cameras themselves.

Is technology a very good thing if it is used with ethics anyway?

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Update by Bruno Santana 09/18/2017 s 17:35

Apparently we can get Apple out of the polemic. According to newspaper reports Boston Globe, the devices used by the Red Sox to analyze the movements of the opposing players have no Ma recorded on them instead, for the amoral endeavor, the monitors of the Red Sox were employed. Fitbit.

In a related note, both the Red Sox, on account of this polemic, and the New York Yankees accused of analyzing opposing player movements via a signal from the YES camera network were required to pay an undisclosed MLB fine. , which is intended to help those affected by Hurricane Irma, which devastated Florida.

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