Barnes & Noble reactivates eBooks strategy

Barnes & Noble reactivates eBooks strategy

Barnes & Noble launched a new digital book store, recovering a strategy that was unsuccessful in 2000, when it bet on eBooks in full dotcom era. The bookstore chain would eventually give up digital books in 2003, but conditions have changed and are now more conducive to this marketing model.

Amazon’s success with digital books and Kindle is certainly not unrelated to this decision, and Barnes & Noble also wants to launch a dedicated eBook reader, in partnership with Plastic Logic.

The equipment should only be available in 2010 and great details are not known, but everything indicates that it will be similar to the main competitor’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader.

The online store will feature more than 700,000 titles, more than 500,000 of which are copyright-free works already available through Google Books, most of which are classics that are already in the public domain.

The strategy is to allow access on as many platforms as possible, which can be read on PCs and smartphones. Kindle and Reader are out of the list of supported devices.