BargainBin uses Push notifications to notify App Store offers directly on iPhone / iPod touch

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Are you one of those who always look for offers and price drops for apps from App Store? This task can be made easier with the BargainBin, which notifies you when a title has lowered its price or gone free.


One of the slightly unpleasant things about the App Store is when you buy an app for $ 9.99 and after a few months you see it drop by half the price. This may be one of the factors responsible for the price level being so low in the Apple store. But since this is the reality, nothing better than having a little help when prices fall.

BargainBin has been around for a long time on the App Store, but in its last update it gained great functionality from push notifications, which works even when the app is closed.

The operation is simple: you choose the applications you want to “look at” and for how much you would be willing to buy it. When one of the members of your “Watch List”Lower the price to the level you chose, the program sends a notice informing you of the offer.

Choose the apps you want to track Watch list

Warning when price drops

It also presents a list, divided into categories, with the latest offers from the store, indicating a simple low price, bargain (good deal, with more than 50% drop), or free (for free), each with a specific color. You can filter the list according to what you are looking for, or see all available.

List of offers List of offers

By tapping a title, you can see the screenshots of the app and its description, with the option to go to the App Store to download it.

It also allows to activate notifications to inform each time an application appears (in general) with reduced price or completely free. But that means receiving several warnings during the day, which can be annoying after a while. Fortunately, it is possible to turn this function off.

General offer notice

With real utility, it is surprising that BargainBin be totally free on the App Store (link). Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, with OS 3.0. Unfortunately there is no Portuguese version.