Bareme Internet 2004 reveals differences between social classes

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The 2004 Bareme Internet reveals that 45 percent of Portuguese households in the region of the continent own and use computers. The figures, however, reveal some discrepancy in an analysis of use by social classes.

If penetration reaches 93.6 percent in the highest class, in the middle class homes the number of PCs in use drops to 75.1 percent and in the lower classes to 12.4 percent.

The summary of the study, made available on the website of Marktest ‚Äď market research company responsible for conducting Bareme Internet ‚Äď also evaluates the numbers for the ownership of the printer, which diverge again according to social classes.

Overall, the study shows that there is a printer in 40.1 percent of Portuguese households, a percentage that rises to 87.2 percent in the upper class. In the middle class, ownership of the printer is a reality for 67.9 percent of families and in the lower class only 10 percent.

Bareme Internet analyzes Internet usage habits in Portugal in 1,200 pages, compiling monthly data from Netpanel and also analyzing the most viewed domains and sites.

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