Barack Obama cites technological highlights in back to school speech in the United States

Today was a day back to school in the United States (as a result of the summer holidays, which last longer than 1 year), and President Barack Obama spoke to elementary students who were in schools around the country. Interestingly, his words went a little beyond the importance of education, including also some facts, products, services and companies in the technology and internet sectors.

University infested with Macs

Several citations were made to popular social services in North America, in addition to certain popular and important products in everyday life (or not … :-P). Obama also talked about young people who formed some of the biggest phenomena on the Internet today by taking advantage of school time, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

He didn’t want to comment on this area, but it was still interesting to put the iPhone alongside innovations and inventions that today are important for people's lives. In the future, he stressed that some students today will work on new generations of these devices, as well as on the development of technologies that contribute to our lives.

If you want to check his complete speech, click here (in English, of course).

(Tip from Guilherme Cherman, thanks!)

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