Banners appear advertising apps and games on Apple TVs, but everything should be just an error

Apple's programmers have been somewhat inattentive these days. After using a porn site like placeholder on the iTunes (Movie) Store in Russia, now there are now ‚Äúbanners‚ÄĚ to advertise apps and snow sport games, apps for shopping and cooking on Apple TVs, as Ken Ray reported.

Apps on Apple TV ?!

Yes, the possibility of running apps on Apple TVs is a great desire for many users of the set-top box from Ma for a long time and, no matter how strong this possibility is, it is certainly a mistake, unfortunately. Something like this would have a big impact on the developer community and it would certainly be announced at an event, with demonstrations of some creations from Apple and third parties, the release of an SDK (software development kit, or software development kit) beta for developers, among other things.

Banner highlighting snow sport apps and games on the App Store

That is with all the face of error. The company's programmers probably took the highlights from the iTunes Store (image above) and replicated it on the Apple TVs menu, because when we go to the link, it takes us to an empty page.

Apps on Apple TV ?!

It remains to be seen when Tim Cook (Apple CEO) plans to change the way we watch TV, after all, he himself said that this is an area of ‚Äč‚Äčgreat interest to the company, practically confirming that something will come up.

(via 9to5Mac)