Banking website performance measured by new index

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In parallel with the MarketWare Portugal Index, which has been measuring 30 reference sites in various sectors for six years, the Performance and Availability Index for banking sites in Portugal was launched in early May. The initiative joins MarketWare and the Digital Society and analyzes the performance and availability of the websites of ten banks.

The banks chosen to integrate this index are Banif, Barklays, BCP, BES, BPI, BPN, CGD, Finibanco, Montepio and Santander Totta.

According to the promoters of this index, this index «now appears as a corollary representative of the dynamics that can be seen in the banking sector in Portugal, with banks being clearly the ones that have shown the greatest interest and effort in improving the quality of service provided to their customers».

The Financial Index measures the same conditions as the MarketWare Index but is calculated based on the hourly measurement of the performance of each site, from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday through Friday.

Every hour five measurement agents are launched that access each of the sites, measuring the duration of the download time of the main page of the website and of all the objects referenced in it. In the event of an error, this value is not considered for the purposes of the Performance Index, but for the Availability Index.

The measurement results are made available weekly on the Digital Society website in a Top 5 format, with the best in each category and an analysis characterizing the performance of the week. In the last published analysis, the Top 5 of availability was led by Barclays, although the 100% availability index is common to the other four banks in the table. In the case of performance, Millennium BCP is ahead of the classification, but the registered values ​​are already different in relation to other banks.

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