Bandits steal over 300 iPhones X within hours of its San Francisco launch

Bandits steal over 300 iPhones X within hours of its San Francisco launch

While many are eager in Apple's queues around the world to get the iPhone XThree hooded and undignified fanfares took the opportunity to steal the star of the day (or several units of it).

According to the CNET and the local media, the three men stole over 300 iPhone X units directly from a UPS lane that was parked outside the Stonestown store in San Francisco, California.

The miscreants were driving a white Dodge van and broke into a UPS drive on Wednesday morning between 11:15 am and 11:30 am local time (4:15 pm-4:30 pm PDT). On the way there were 313 iPhones X and the thieves managed to catch them all. The UPS driver claimed to have locked his way past the parking lot and a caretaker saw the criminals leaving with their phones and was able to take a picture.

San Francisco police estimate that the value of the devices was about $ 370,000. Each device has already been cataloged with a description and serial number, but the suspects have not yet been captured.

At least no one was hurt, of course, taking away the feelings of consumers lining up to buy one. One source stated that customers who chose to schedule the purchase (Pickup) can get your smartphones from the store without problems; however, it is not yet known how to stay with customers entering the store without appointment.

We were all worried about the stocks being small, now this one ?!

via 9to5Mac