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Bandits steal 21 iPhones from Apple store in New York

We often forget, but thefts, robberies and similar crimes happen anywhere in the world. And Apple, because it has a broadly priced product line, does not escape the hands of these criminals, as reported by Daily Mail Online.

A Ma store in New York (they don't name it in the article, but it looks like Apple Walt Whitman) was robbed by a gang. The five criminals (all properly hooded) took 21 iPhones (models 8 and X) from the tables that display products and ran away from the place, as we can see in the video below:

They basically fiddled with the devices for a few minutes in order to take advantage of an opportune moment to snatch the iPhones off the tables and run out of the store with the devices in their hands.

The theft took place on July 6, around 8:20 pm. The loss, according to the matter, was US $ 19 thousand (about R $ 73.3 thousand at the current price). The police are offering a $ 5,000 reward to anyone who provides information about the theft and the gang.

via Cult of Mac