Bandits invade the iPlace of Shopping Pelotas and leave with a bag full of products [atualizado]

According to Pelotas 24 HOURS, a iPlace Shopping Pelotas (in Rio Grande do Sul) was robbed today, Sunday, March 12.

According to a person who works at the establishment and chose not to be identified, the store was robbed shortly after the mall opened.

Although the bandits were armed, fortunately no one was injured in the action.

Burglars with products stolen from an iPlace store at Shopping Pelotas

As we can see in the images, the bandits took the goods in huge bags, apparently 43 iPhone, 5 6 Macs (the models are unknown) and 2 iPads were stolen.

There are also reports that they passed through the mall's corridors with guns drawn, causing panic.

Burglars with products stolen from an iPlace store at Shopping Pelotas


(tip from Andr Terra It's from Gustavo Jaccottet)

Update · 03/12/2017 s 22:57

Here are some excerpts from the statement we received from Shopping Pelotas:

The management of Shopping Pelotas confirms the information that Loja iPlace suffered a robbery this Sunday, March 12.

() As soon as iPlace was informed of the action, the Shopping management activated the Military Brigade of Pelotas, which answered promptly, arriving at the location in a few minutes.

The Shopping is collaborating with the investigations and has provided images of the security cameras in the circulation areas of the shopping police to identify the bandits.

() The management of Shopping Pelotas regrets the rush and reiterates its willingness to collaborate with the police to resolve the issue, minimizing losses to the storeowner, as well as studying ways to reinforce security.