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Bandits invade Australian Apple Stores with sledgehammer and carry $ 850,000 in iPhones

The wave of theft Apple Stores It has been severe and frequent, but has so far been restricted to US locations. Well, now it seems that the phenomenon is traveling to lower latitudes: in Australia, one group broke into two Ma stores and took the equivalent of R $ 850 thousand on iPhones and other devices which, in absolute values, translates into one of the most costly thefts of these recent occurrences.

The information is from ABC Australia: a group of six bandits initially invaded the Apple Perth City, in the city of the same name. At 2:15 am on Tuesday (local time), they broke one of the facade windows with a sledgehammer and tried to enter a closed area of ​​the store, but were sighted and fled without carrying anything.

About an hour later, then, the group came to another store to Apple Garden City, in Booragoon, suburban Perth and smashed one of the facade windows with the same sledgehammer. With stab wounds, the bad guys still threatened some security guards who tried to stop them, and stole a large amount of exposed products, valued at AU $ 300,000 (mostly R $ 845,000), largely iPhones, but also other Ma devices.

The next morning, two cars linked to the car were found set ablaze, but local police have not yet been able to hear from the suspects. The investigation is ongoing based on security camera recordings, witness testimony and a request from the police that anyone with information contact the institution for clarification.

What situation, huh?

via 9to5Mac