Bandits flee with $ 9,000 in Apple Watches in the U.S.

Bandits flee with $ 9,000 in Apple Watches in the U.S.

Another case of theft Apple Stores happened in the United States, more precisely in the city of Franklin (Tennessee). This time, however, the target of the criminals was not iPhones or Macs, but Apple Watches.

According to the surveillance images released by FOX 17, you can see three individuals entering the Apple CoolSprings Galleria and then (calmly, it’s worth noting) picking up Apple Watches from the display table – while there were many customers in the store.

According to the police, the criminals took 17 watches, the equivalent of $ 9k. The action took place on October 25 and so far those involved have not been identified.

Although Apple has taken steps to prevent criminal actions in its stores in the US (such as deploying special software that basically gadgets subtracted from their stores), the model of the Apple Stores favors this type of performance, since the devices are «available» on the display tables – that is, there is not much to run to, after all, customers should try the devices before you buy them.

Something will have to change to stop it all, however.

via Cult of Mac