Bandits assault – for the second time – iPlace Mobile do Pátio Limeira Shopping

On the morning of Thursday, April 13, the iPlace Mobile from Ptio Limeira Shopping (in Limeira, So Paulo) was robbed.

Ptio Limeira Shopping

According to the Fast in the Air, three armed men entered the mall and one of them surrendered the security guard in front of the store and took him inside.

As we have seen in other episodes like this, both the security guard and the store employees were locked so that the stolen goods could be placed in a bag.

Apparently iPhones and iPads were taken the total damage, however, it was not disclosed.

The mall's press office informed that the necessary measures were taken, that fortunately no one was injured in the robbery and that he is collaborating with the authorities so that everything can be properly resolved.

This is the second time that iPlace Mobile from Ptio Limeira Shopping was robbed in January 2016, four thieves broke into the store and also fled with bags full of products.

(tip from Julian Santos)