Banco Itaú starts testing virtual wallet system on iPhone

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Itaú Mobile Card

Some complain that the iPhone does not have NFC technology (which allows secure exchange of information with nearby devices) and that therefore it cannot be used as a payment system, but with creativity and willpower, anything is possible. The bank Itaú is trying to create a way for its customers to be able to use their iPhone to make everyday payments by turning it into a virtual wallet. And the project is already being tested in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

THE Itaú Mobile Card it is still in the testing phase and is therefore not being widely publicized. With this feature, it will be possible to authorize purchases through the iPhone, buying only with the cell phone number. At the moment, the tests are being carried out by bank employees and over 15 thousand customers who usually buy in stores participating in the project, which for now are Pão de Açucar by Oscar Freire (SP), Vila Clementino (SP) and Leblon (RJ) , in addition to the Pontofrio website.

Check out a quick explanatory video showing how it works:

There is still no forecast for definitive implementation of the project, but it is already great news to know that Brazilian companies are studying ways to make us leave the portfolio at home. Congratulations to Itaú and we hope that this will encourage other banks to do the same. ?