Banco Itaú finally starts testing Touch ID in its applications

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With a delay of more than two years, the Brazilian bank Itaú finally decided to start using one of the safest features of the iPhone: the fingerprint sensor Touch ID, which makes it easier for customers to access your account. But for now, the test does not cover the application of internet banking.

This week, the app tokpag (we’ve talked about it here) received an update compatible with Touch ID. Now, the bank customer who wants to make transfers no longer needs to enter the password every time they use the application, just touch the device’s digital sensor.


It is clear that the user has the option to activate or deactivate the function, if he is not comfortable with it. However, other financial applications such as Nubank, Sicoob, Bradesco and Banco do Brasil have long used Touch ID, making their users’ lives easier. It is incomprehensible for a bank to take so long to adopt this solution, as is the case with Itaú and Santander.

It is not yet possible to access Itaú’s bank account using Touch ID, but we hope that our ear tug make the bank move and put that away. After all, an institution that calls itself “digital”In all its advertisements, it cannot take 2 years to offer a simple functionality that most competitors have already adopted.

Tip from Tiago Corrêa