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Banco Itaú begins to accept additional cards at Apple Pay

Banco Ita additional card registered with Apple Pay on iPhone XS

Finally one of the things that users of Apple pay most awaited in Brazil began to work from yesterday to today.

O received information that many Banco Ita customers are already registering additional cards in Wallet for use with Apple Pay.

Unfortunately the news has not yet been officially launched, so it will not work in all cases. An anonymous source of MM confirmed to us that yes, larger tests have started this week ie no wonder many are succeeding.

We have information from users who have been able to add both Ita cards themselves (such as Itaucard and Uniclass) and Credicard, which is issued by the bank.

As soon as we get more information on testing progress and possible official release, we will let you know. Be sure to check out our complete guide to cards accepted by Apple Pay in Brazil.

For now, we have no information about the other banks that already work with Apple in Brazil. Bradesco and Banco do Brasil also have plans to expand support for additional cards. We hope so, of course.