Banco do Brasil launches new Ourocard app for iPhone, in beta [atualizado]

Banco do Brasil launches new Ourocard app for iPhone, in beta [atualizado]

After launching a brand new version of its iOS app including Apple Watch support, the latest Bank of Brazil a new (and awaited, at least by me) application from Ourocard for iPhone.

Sorry, app not found.

Congratulations! You are one step away from a new experience: the Ourocard app.

Created to meet your needs, the Ourocard app is modern and intuitive and includes new service and customization features for your experience.

Soon, new versions already in development will be made available, with more functions and news that will help in the care, use and control of your Ourocard.

Among the functions already available in the application, are available limit display, timeline with purchases, details for purchase, closed and open invoices, temporary card lock and unlock, virtual card issuance (for use in online purchases), contestation purchasing directly through the app, releasing new cards, ordering a duplicate card, personalizing a card with an image, enabling it to be used abroad, inhibiting and activating the printed invoice.

The Ourocard app coincides with the debut of BB beta, Banco do Brasil's official beta application program. For now, it is possible to register and be aware of the next tests that happen.

This beta version of Ourocard will only be available for the first 10,000 who download and log into the app, so hurry up! 🙂

Update · 05/06/2016 s 14:12

As predicted, the app was removed from the store after BB reached 10,000 beta testers. When he returns, we'll let you know here on the site!