Banco do Brasil app gains 3D Touch shortcuts

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Not all Brazilian banks offer their customers all the functions provided by the most modern systems (not even those who say “typed”(Sic), being behind in that direction). So it is always good when we see one of the greats update itself with the news that Apple offers. This is the case with the Bank of Brazil, which today received a nice update gaining compatibility with the 3D Touch of the iPhone 6s, widget in the Notification Center and search integrated with Spotlight.

Shortcuts to 3D Touch they are a hand in the wheel, mainly for quick and practical operations, such as checking the statement or paying a boleto by barcode. Just press the app icon before you even open it, to go directly to what you want to do (this only works on the new iPhones 6s and 6s Plus).

Banco do Brasil App

When searching for iOS searches (called Spotlight), it will also be possible to go directly to specific functions of the app, thanks to its integration with the system. The links also open the application directly on the specific screen. In this case, it works with any iOS 9 compatible device.

Banco do Brasil App

And another adoption of functionality is making shortcuts available in the Notification Center, which end up being even more practical than 3D Touch shortcuts, because you can use them at any time, even with another application open.

Banco do Brasil App

It is very cool to see Brazilian developers adopting the maximum functionality of the system. This is what we want not only from banks, but from all the applications we use: to adopt as soon as possible the news offered by Apple in their systems. And Banco do Brasil did its homework well. It could have done a little earlier (since iOS 9 was released last September), but it is already worth it. Congratulations to all involved. ?