Banco do Brasil already prepares version of its application for Apple Watch

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It is impressive (and praiseworthy) the evolution that the Banco do Brasil application has undergone in recent months. We have always been staunch critics of the bank in the past, because at the time it didn’t care so much about its mobile apps; but this story has changed, to the point of becoming, in our opinion, one of the most beautiful and functional among Brazilian banks.

And this concern with modernity seems to have become a philosophy, as they remain attentive to all the news that appear. BB is already preparing its iPhone app for the arrival of Apple Watch, allowing you to get a variety of bank account information right on your wrist.

The BB app on the Watch will work in conjunction with the iPhone app (as is normal with the Apple watch). But the fact that you don’t have to take your iPhone out of your pocket to access quick information is very practical and can make life easier in some situations.


Through the application it will be possible to define what information will appear in the Watch Summary (Glances), from the suggestion of which best credit card to buy (based on its expiration date) to the balance of the TravelMoney card, for example. It is also in the app that you configure what you can see on your wrist, such as current or savings account balance, future launches (essential for a good financial organization), card limit, among others.


The app is undergoing security testing and has not yet been submitted for Apple’s approval. But soon, it should appear on the App Store.

Banco do Brasil is the first to further disclose this benefit to its customers. We are not yet aware of whether other banks are already working on this, but, in any case, it is very good to see Brazilians really striving to offer something of quality to users. Our congratulations to the entire responsible team and that soon other banks will follow the same example of taking care, with affection, of their mobile applications. After all, it is unacceptable to still have banks that haven’t even adopted Touch ID (we don’t need to mention names, do we?).

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