Banco CTT warns of security practices that prevent scams on MB Way

For many, MB WAY is a quick way to make transfers or pay for your purchases via your smartphone.

However, at a time when cybercriminals seize any opportunity to attack, trying to get the most inattentive users to compromise the security of their personal data and devices, Banco CTT again recalled some of the main practices to be adopted when using the service.

The bank recalls that it never requests, either by phone or e-mail, to carry out MB Way operations.

Therefore, any type of instruction by third parties regarding the supply of MB Way codes should not be followed.

Banco CTT also recalls that the only mobile phone number that must be associated with the account must be that of the user himself.

Also in December 2019, Caixa Geral de Depsitos had warned its customers of the risks of fraud by MB Way on its website, reminding the security practices that must be adopted.

However, with the beginning of the new year, no other banking entity besides Banco CTT has launched information campaigns about fraudulent situations.

Similar to the alert issued in November last year, the Public Security Police last week again warned users of the increase in the number of scams per MB Way.

Among the recommendations made on its Facebook page, PSP advises anyone who does not understand the operation of the application who does not use it.

In addition, if any doubt arises, users should check with their bank.

Commissions on MB Way: DECO criticizes Banco de Portugal's "inaction"

But in addition to the scams there are other issues in the application that are generating concerns.

In April 2019, DECO had already criticized the start of charging bank commissions for using the MB Way service and now resort to more drastic measures.

After receiving more than 33,000 complaints on its portal, the Consumer Protection Organization asks the intervention of parties with parliamentary seats, accusing Banco de Portugal of continuing to "ignore its legal responsibility".

The proposal is to implement a limit of 0.2% on the amount transferred through the application.

In a publication on its official website, DECO explains that most major banks already charge for transfers via the MB Way app.

After BPI (1.20 euros), Caixa Agrcola (25 cents), Millenium BCP (1.20 euros) and Santander (90 cents) have already implemented the rate, since January that Caixa Geral de Depsitos joined this rate list, with a commission of 85 cents.

In view of these values, DECO now speaks of "disproportionate" prices, with the consumer being able to pay up to 1.20 euros to transfer any amount, be it two or ten euros, or 750 euros, the maximum limit allowed by the application.

Commissions on MB Way | DECO

"We do not accept that Banco de Portugal shifts responsibility for the fact that the law does not make it clear that a certain commission is high," writes DECO in the publication.

The Consumer Protection Organization now considers that there are principles defended by the Bank, such as proportionality, transparency and loyalty in the collection of commissions that are being overlooked by the regulator in the assessment of this case.