Ballmer goes to court

مايكروسوفت من بين الشركات الأكثر أخلاقية في العالم

Steve Ballmer was notified by the authorities to testify in the lawsuit that accuses the company of placing «Vista Capable» logos on equipment that was not prepared to receive the Microsoft operating system.

The lawsuit aims to determine whether Microsoft used the scheme to «ship» equipment that is normally incompatible with software. This is because, with the entry of Vista, Windows XP entered a period of discontinuation for new machines.

Up until now, Steve Ballmer had been spared audiences since it was not known that Microsoft’s now top manager was aware of the negotiations between the company and Intel, the maker of the hardware.

However, analyzes of Microsoft’s internal communications led officials to ascertain that the company’s CEO and Paul Ottelini, president of Intel, had already talked about the issue.

As such, Marsha Pechnan, a judge in Washington, wants to hear Steve Ballmer, saying that the person in charge has «unique» knowledge about the process. The Microsoft president’s hearing will take place within 30 days.