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Badoo – How to use? How to download? Application Functions

With each passing day more social networks are created, improving their features and expanding the way we communicate with people around the world. It has been a while, however, since social networking sites started working, diversifying the way people with similar interests knew each other and started a relationship. There are currently some versions of apps that have made this communication even easier.

Founded in Spain in 2006, Badoo is a free social network available for both computer and mobile application. Originally, it was a network for connecting with people from anywhere in the world, such as Facebook or Orkut. However, since 2008 he has changed his scope and used more to find partners for a romantic relationship, being more similar to Tinder.

This change was due to lower competition with the giant Facebook, focusing on a more specific niche of people. Currently, this network has approximately 346 million users, with many people registering daily, being the perfect environment for those who want to flirt and date, promoting meetings and relationships.

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<h2>What featuresBadoo?</h2>
<p>On the original platform, the Badoo site functioned as a conventional social network, providing access to a friend network, discussion forum, private chats and notifications. Full Badoo, free, you don't have to worry about charges, unless you subscribe to Badoo Premium, which gives you a more powerful Badoo profile, read below.</p><div class='code-block code-block-4' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In the new version of social networking, there are applications for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone for phones and tablets. The platform has a feature that measures the level of popularity of the user, information on how many people had access to the profile in real time, number of messages received and also the evaluation of other users.

In addition, this network is very reliable, having implemented a system to block fake profiles and a photo verification tool. These attributes prevent users from falling into scams, very common nowadays.

Other features available are people close to you and you face it, who use the geo referencing system to locate people who use the app and are close to you, making it possible to make an appointment in person more easily. Another feature is photo request for the person you are talking to, which makes communication more interactive.

For those who pay monthly, there are other services available, such as the ability to highlight your profile on the social network, use a more efficient search tool, the ability to access profiles hidden and having exclusive access to the most popular people who are subscribed to. app.

Badoo is a great way that you can meet new friends, possible dates, boyfriends and even those who want a more serious relationship, just direct your account and profile to how you want to meet people.

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How to use?

To access these features simply create an account and register your profile. You can use the same login as Facebook or Google, and even from other platforms, even allowing contacts to be imported from one network to another. But if you prefer to create a new profile, just identify yourself with name, age, location and partner preference.

After creating the profile, a panel will appear where you can adjust preferences for people of interest, such as age and location. On the main screen, suggestions from friends appear. If you're using the mobile app, you either accept the suggested person by swiping the screen to the right, or discard the suggestion by swiping left. If there is mutual interest between you and the person, a warning will appear about the attraction.

How to download?

To download the application on your phone or computer is very easy. You can download the desktop version from sites like Baixaki. But just type Badoo on Google to get more options. Already on your phone, go to the Play Store and look for the app in the store. s click download and free.

After that, just create your Badoo account, check all the data and you don't have to wait, just start using it. You can set up your profile to meet new people, call them directly in a chat, "like" someone you have known for some time and several other actions.

Other information

Remember that it is very important to create a good profile because this is your business card. Abuse photos and videos and your personal data so that the person can really know you. You can add details about your profession, where you studied, languages ​​and hobbies.

Once Badoo works, you meet new people on your cell phone, you don't even have to leave home to meet people, Badoo also serves as a filter before finally hanging out with the live person.

An interesting detail of this platform, which Badoo does not use advertising and yet, is very successful, especially in Brazil. This is due to the invitation sent by the users themselves to other people who end up registering on the social network. Now that you know how Badoo works, just install yours! Good luck.