Badland Brawl is a competitive multiplayer game that mixes Angry Birds with Clash Royale

Badland Brawl is a competitive multiplayer game that mixes Angry Birds with Clash Royale

Known by the Badland series, the independent studio Frog Mind has taken different paths in Badland Brawl, a completely competitive online game. Its colorful and detailed visuals hide a visceral combat between two players, with the aim of destroying the opponent's tower. To do this, use your card deck to place units on the battlefield, as in games like Clash Royale.

The big difference is that the characters are thrown through a slingshot, just as you do with Angry Birds, trying to intercept opponents' units, always with their eyes on the tower. The characters are appearing randomly, as well as weapons and spells cards, which players must manage through an energy bar that is being consumed.

The units have different weights, which influence the distance of the projection, like arrows that can be fired directly at the tower. Others do not go beyond their game area. In addition, it must attack from the air or from the ground, using the respective units, the same being valid to intercept and avoid the attacks of the opponents.

In this sense, in addition to the strategy view of the clash, about the choices of when to use a certain character, there must also be the ability to maximize the damage that it does to opponents, through the catapult. Overall, it is a game with a concept that is easy to learn, but far from dominating the best tactics.

Battle winners collect coins and eggs to unlock new cards, improve unit clones and access new attacks and skills. Card management works like other games of the genre, the more similar units you accumulate, these will be merged to create more powerful versions.

You can download Badland Brawl free for iOS and Android smartphones.