Bad Piggies game is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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The creator of Angry Birds has long been promising a game set in the eyes of pigs and today it finally hits the App Store. Bad Piggies is Rovio’s new attempt to create yet another success.

In Angry Birds, what moves the characters is a slingshot. In this one, you will have to build handmade machines to move them and get them to reach the pieces of the map that take them to the desired eggs of the angry birds.

The dynamics are very reminiscent of the other game from the company, Amazing Alex, in which you have to put together parts of a contraption. Depending on the time it takes you and what you get along the way, you can get the three stars you want in the stage.

Check out a promotional video of the game:

THE Bad Piggies is available in two formats: For iPhone / iPod touch ($ 0.99) and for iPad ($ 2.99). Who has the new iPad (iPad 3) can easily buy the cheapest version for iPhone, because the Retina screen is very well enlarged. ?

It is not yet adapted for the longer screen of the iPhone 5.