Bad (or good?) News: no OLED on iProducts for the next three or four years

Bad (or good?) News: no OLED on iProducts for the next three or four years


Organic light-emitting diodes or OLEDs, for the latter. They make blacks blacker, colors brighter, consume less energy when they are off and can still be used in ridiculously thin and malevolent displays. In the future, they could be the Holy Grail of the screens!

But today they are nothing more than a fashion novelty with little shine (useless outdoors), terrible durability (the subpixels die quickly, leaving everything yellow), suffering resolution (PenTile is worse than death) and astronomical price. This did not stop anyone from saying that "This year Apple will launch an (real or imaginary product name) with (AM) OLED!" infinite times in recent years.

Perhaps this statement by a top executive at one of Apple’s suppliers, given the Korea Times, help to quiet the torch of those who believe in these rumors:

Apple has no interest in using OLED screens on its popular devices. The future iPad 3 will also adopt LCDs with superior quality, while the next iPhone will do the same. Three or four more years will still be necessary to see Apple digital devices with OLED.

When an up-and-coming technology is expensive, but brings a lot of advantages, Ma is not shy about using it, see the MacBook Air SSD, which is expensive as hell, but much more compact and resistant than an HDD, besides be much, much faster. What is the advantage of an OLED screen over an LCD?

Who knows, in the future, when there are real advantages in the adoption of OLED, it is very possible that Apple will decide to launch a new line of Cinema Displays gigantic, superfine, light and folding to satisfy the hunger of those who long for an HDTV Designed in Cupertino.

Before that, no chance of TV or OLED.

(via 9to5Mac)