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Bad News: Apple Delays HomePod Release to Early 2018

Apple's high-quality Siri integrated speaker, the HomePod, was expected for December. Only that, unfortunately, will delay.

John Paczkowski, of BuzzFeed, has just recently received a statement from Apple announcing that the product is not yet ready for official release.

In free translation, our:

We can't wait for people to try out HomePod, Apple's revolutionary home wireless speaker, but we need a little more time before it's ready for consumers. We will start shipping it in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia in early 2018.

News like this is always received either very well or very badly. Well because it shows that Apple does not want to put an unfinished product on the market just to meet a deadline; bad because, well, a little shameful a company like Apple fails within such a timeframe.

Black Home Top with Siri Cone

Exactly a year ago, something very similar happened to AirPods interestingly, another audio product. The positive aspect of the wait was worth it and the AirPods have been much, much praised since their release.

In the US, HomePod cost $ 350.