BackPack is the accessory your iMac needed

BackPack is the accessory your iMac needed

Last Saturday was a feast day. My pet turned a year old! And my indecisiveness as to what his gift would be ended: the Twelve South BackPack, in my opinion, an accessory that every iMac should have. Maybe Ivy and Jobs don't agree with me, but anyway. I liked!


The BackPack is a stylized aluminum shelf that was designed to accompany both the iMac and the Cinema Display, in addition to reducing the mess on your desk with a touch Apple-like. Its name could not be more appropriate, since the idea is to attach it to the back of the equipment, where hubs, iPods, Time Capsules, external hard drives, or even a Mac mini can be placed.

Twelve South BackPackBy using two adjustable clips and gravity to literally support the weight that will be put on the product, you can also make room for an additional unit.

The base of an iMac, for example, comprises two units: in the first you can place an external hard drive and leave the second one for your iPhone or your favorite collection item (all geek worthy, has yours).

Twelve South, although new to the segment, is the result of a project by Andrew Green, a former executive of Griffin Technology and DLO, two of the oldest manufacturers of accessories for Apple products.

Anyone who, like me, already knows the next accessory to buy for their iMac, can purchase the product at any Apple Retail Store or at Ma's online store, for a suggested price of US $ 30.

(Via: The Loop.)