Back flower? Gratitude button returns as Reaction on Mother’s Day

Back flower?  Gratitude button returns as Reaction on Mother's Day

The “Gratidão” button on Facebook will be back soon. The special reaction was inserted back into the social network – initially in European territories – to mark Mother’s Day, which takes place on the second Sunday in May. It works the same way it did last year, when it was first seen: in addition to the usual reactions of tanning, love, laughter, surprise or sadness, a purple flower (a daisy) is also listed, symbolizing the feeling of gratitude.

#FicaFlorzinha: flower bud on Mother’s Day is a hit on Facebook

According to reports by European users, the function has been available in Portugal in recent days, but has disappeared. Confirmed by Facebook itself, for all territories, the return of the gratitude button must also be temporary. Users from other social networks, such as Twitter, commented on the return and made screenshots of the reaction in posts for Mother’s Day on the microblog.

1 of 1 Gratitude button returns to Facebook reactions – Photo: Disclosure / Facebook

Gratitude button back to Facebook reactions – Photo: Disclosure / Facebook

The “Gratidão” button should arrive in Brazil soon. It is common for news on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network to be released little by little, in some territories, and soon to reach other countries in Latin America.

To check if it is already available on your Facebook account, just click on “Like” and see the reactions listed. If the purple flower appears between them, it symbolizes the “Gratitude” button and you can use it to react to all posts and comments.

The social network is preparing other actions for the date in the coming days.