Back door: the APP!

Back door: the APP!

If you are the ones who keep waiting every Monday and Thursday for the videos Back door rise in YouTube, know that through troupe app for android It is easier to gather all the content available on the Porta dos Fundo channel and much more. This is the application I indicate today here on AndroidPIT.

Backdoor app
The folks at Backdoor have gathered all the troupe's videos into one very curious app! / Backdoor-AndroidPIT

The guys are very good, that's right. With over eight million users enrolled in Google's the video streaming program, it is also possible to upload the hilarious and critical content of Backdoor to your mobile phone using the Play Store app.

app backstop 01
Clicking on the video you wish to watch will redirect you directly to YouTube! / Back door / AndroidPIT


One of the things that caught my attention the most was the fact that the app offers curious commands like moving to access a second channel, Fundo do Porta, the one where you check recording errors, making offs, extras, interviews and everything related behind the scenes of the recordings. In addition, users can interact with the app by swiping right to share content and favorite videos.

Favorite backdoor videos
To create a super easy and intuitive favorites list! / Back door / AndroidPIT
back door back door
One App Two Channels: Back Door and Back Door! / Back door / AndroidPIT

There are not exactly in-app purchases, however, all the advertising you find will come from the channel itself, such as the Backdoor store or other troupe apps like Porta Games, for example. Also, be very attentive to your data plan, prefer to watch the videos only when under the coverage of a wifi network, otherwise you will have the limit burst within a few minutes.

Back door internet use
In-app advertising from the Backdoor channel itself and the app devours your data plan! / Back door / AndroidPIT
Paid or free app?


Internet connection

In-app purchases

Android version

Own advertising
At the
2.3 or higher

Back door
Install on Google Play

And, which episode did you like the most today at the Back Door? I love God"!

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