Bach wins first Google Doodle with Artificial Intelligence

Bach memenangkan Google Doodle pertama dengan Artificial Intelligence

Johann Sebastian Bach, German Baroque musician and composer, is honored this Thursday (21st) with a figure on the Google homepage. The searcher decided to celebrate the artist’s birthday in a special way: developing the first Doodle with artificial intelligence.

The search giant’s traditional logo has been replaced by an interactive animation that encourages users to compose their own melody. The illustration features Bach playing a pipe organ, an imposing musical instrument introduced in Western churches from the 10th century onwards, while the letters forming the word Google revolve above.

How does Google search work?

1 of 1 Doodle plays with Bach’s ability to touch pipe organs – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Doodle plays with Bach’s ability to touch pipe organs – Photo: Disclosure / Google

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By pressing the Doodle play button, the user can write on the score by inserting the notes and changing the speed with the beats per minute, for example. Then, just click on “harmonize” so that the machine learning technique, a data analysis method in which systems can identify patterns and make decisions with a minimum of human intervention, to adjust the personalized melody in the Bach’s musical style.

If the user finds a special Easter egg, they can listen to a Bach in a hybrid rock style from the 80s. You can share the exclusive musical creation with friends or save it in .MIDI format.

User can create their own melody from artificial intelligence – Photo: Disclosure / Google

Developed in partnership with the Google Magenta and Google PAIR teams, Doodle is mainly possible thanks to two technologies. The first is the Coconet machine learning model, developed by expert Anna Huang and capable of performing a wide variety of musical tasks.

“Coconet was trained in 306 of Bach’s coral harmonies. Their choirs always have four voices, each carrying its own melodic line, while creating a rich harmonic progression when played together ”, explained the search giant in a note. The open source library TensorFlow.js, the second technology used in the project, allows machine learning to happen entirely within the browser, eliminating heavier servers.

Who was Johann Sebastian Bach?

Born in the small German town of Eisenach on March 21, 1685, Johann Sebastian Bach is considered one of the greatest geniuses in Western music. In addition to playing, the organist also understood how to build and repair the complex internal mechanisms of pipe organs, represented in the interactive Doodle.

At the age of 65, the musician died on July 28, 1750 and lived to see only part of his published work. Bach left behind more than a thousand works in manuscript form, which are now published and executed worldwide.

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The history of Google Doodles

The history of Google Doodles