Baby stops breathing and mother uses Siri to call for help while reviving the child

Baby stops breathing and mother uses Siri to call for help while reviving the child

When Stacey Gleeson she saw her one-year-old daughter not breathing, her mother's first thought was to call 911. But when carrying the child to try to revive him and turn on the bedroom light, his iPhone slipped out of his hand. Desperate with the situation, Stacey shouted to activate the Crab and instructed the assistant to ask for help, thus being able to speak to the hospital service by speakerphone while performing cardiorespiratory resuscitation.

As soon as the ambulance arrived, the child who had a chest infection and bronchiolitis was already breathing again. After a thorough examination to diagnose whether Giana was recovered from the scare, the little girl was released again into her mother's arms. Every second was vital for little Giana to get out of this without side effects.

It looks like cinema history, but the fact happened in Australia, in March, and the story only surfaced now after Stacey contacted Apple to thank them. I had the iPhone only since the beginning of the year, she told the Australian 7 News.

Launched with the iPhone 4s, Siri (which revolutionized the interaction with the iPhone and opened the way for virtual assistants of the kind) evolved and was celebrated here when it learned to speak Portuguese. Currently, in addition to interacting more fully with iOS and some apps, it can be activated without the hands of those who have the 6s, 6s Plus or SE models.

“I had already played with Siri, it was fun. Now this feature is on all the time and I will never turn it off again, explained the Australian news network.

According to the website 9to5Mac, Apple filed a patent application for a new application, a kind of “Boto do Pnico”, designed for use when the owner of the device is in danger or feels threatened. Although similar third-party apps already exist, they can only be launched from their home screen. Probably, the creation of Apple will be easier to activate (without the need to enter an app or even Siri) since the company can interact with areas of the operating system to which developers do not have access.

(via Fortune)