b-on is already an accessible site

b-on is already an accessible site

The website of the Online Knowledge Library now complies with all the guidelines of the W3C – World Wide Web Consortium, in order to guarantee accessibility for people with disabilities. The new portal was launched by the Foundation for National Scientific Computing and also offers better usability.

«The b-on portal thus joins the restricted number of medium or large Internet sites that completely satisfy the W3C accessibility guidelines», underlines a statement to UMIC – Knowledge Society Agency.

B-on is a scientific library accessible online that integrates about 17 thousand titles of the main international scientific publications, used mainly by the scientific and academic community.

In 2008 it was used to download 5.2 million documents, 60% more than in the previous year, thanks to Community funding that supported access to the main scientific publications, accessible through this route.

B-on was born in 2004. It underwent profound changes in 2005 and since then it has assumed itself as a gateway to scientific documentation that was previously accessed by academic and scientific entities, but independently.