Azure receives update

Microsoft in the cloud starting in January

Microsoft updated the packs development for your Azure operating system. The company thus corrects six errors detected in the system based on cloud computing and improved the performance and speed of software.

Other Microsoft advances are linked to the integration of Visual Studio and other tools in Azure, as well as support for the performance of Silverlight as a platform for visualizations online.

The first version of Microsoft Azure was launched in October last year, at the Professional Developers Conference, where the company introduced the operating system as a platform to software development professionals. software the creation, storage, administration and calculation of data for the operation of applications web-based.

At the same time, Microsoft said that the final version of Windows Azure will hit the market in the second half of 2009. According to the manufacturer, the price of the operating system will not be fixed, but will depend on some usage metrics, namely the resources consumed by the user.