Avoid distractions with the Quitter app for Mac

Avoid distractions with the Quitter app for Mac

Marco Arment, developer of the infamous Instapaper (already sold for Betaworks), Overcast, among others, this time ventured into his first Mac application. His apps are varied, each from a different area; now he “attacks” the creativity part, with the Quitter.

quitter app

As simple as it is useful, the application gives you the possibility to to hide or shut down any application on your Mac after a period of inactivity. And for what? Well, if you have those apps that keep calling you, notifying you about new activities that are totally irrelevant to the work you're doing (or if you're studying), Quitter helps you stay focused and avoid these distractions.

When you run it, it appears on the OS X menu bar and, to select applications, click "Edit Rules" (something like “Edit Rules”). After selecting, you choose whether to hide ("Hide") or close ("Quit") and also how many minutes after being inactive you want it to run. For applications that want to shut down completely, it is recommended to disable the “Keep in Dock” option so that it disappears completely when the rule is run.

You can disable all rules at once ("Disable Quitter") Maybe when you finish what you needed to do and your time is free. If you want, you can enable the application to start with the system (“Start Quitter at Login”).

The only language available, however, is English. Despite this, if you follow the above translations, you can already work on the entire app as it only has the options presented here.

Quitter is not available on the Mac App Store; you can download it for free by clicking here (ZIP). Enjoy the free and very light app, and give it a try.

(via iMore)