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Aviate: Smart Launcher Test

There are many launchers for Android, but most look similar to each other in terms of looks and options available. O Aviate It goes the other way, as the launcher automatically adapts to your environment and your needs – at least as stated by the launcher's developers. I tested the application and was able to verify that Aviate really promises.

Aviate / AndroidPIT

The principle behind Aviate

Aviate automatically adapts time of day and your location, thereby changing the homescreen according to the circumstances. In the morning you get an overview of the weather forecast, day appointments, alarm and morning apps (eg email or reader of news). When you leave home, you will be shown places nearby, among other shops and restaurants. When you get to work, you'll have quick access to your appointment schedule, email, and important work applications. And when you return home, Aviate will show you entertainment applications for the night, as well as the alarm clock.

Schematic representation of Aviate functions. / Aviate

The functions

As soon as you start Aviate, you will see a short introduction to the various functions and finally get to the first of the three homescreens, where you will get further explanations of the available options:

  • Swipe right to left brings the collection of apps to the screen. Aviate automatically screens your installed applications and separates them into different categories. You can also sort them manually if you are not satisfied with the automatic distribution.
  • Swipe right to left again shows you your applications in alphabetical order. If you click and hold an app, you can take it to the homescreen or app collection. When it comes to an app downloaded from the Google Paly Store, you can also uninstall it.
  • Swipe left to right opens the side menu where you can change your environments (called Spaces). In addition, you will also find here Aviate settings and locations in the vicinity.
  • A click on the homescreen title bar open more options like weather notification, alarm clock and home screen applications.
The left app collection and the right side menu. / AndroidPIT

Configuring Aviate

This is not a launcher with many configuration possibilities, and that is not its intention. He prefers to keep it simple. Some things, however, can be changed, such as choosing between a light or dark look and changing between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit with a long press on the temperature dial.

Space "Home" night is the context menu with more options. / AndroidPIT

A long press on your big homescreen photo will take you to the following options:

  • Change or remove photo: Here you can change the background photo or remove it from the homescreen.
  • Add photo: As the name says, you can add new photos to your home screen here.
  • Add widget: All your Android widgets are compatible with Aviate, and you can choose your favorite from a list. The size of the widget will be adapted by Aviate, and it may appear larger than desired (4×2 instead of 4×1). A manual size change is unfortunately not yet possible.
Nearby places and app suggestions by clicking the plus symbol. / AndroidPIT


Aviate is an innovative concept for a launcher that aims to make working with the smartphone and user life easier through many automations throughout the day. The lanador recognizes, for example, when you are at work and shows information relevant to the professional environment, many of which are only accessible through many twisting touches and paths without this lanyard. Simplicity is the keyword here, and Aviate can be considered Google Launchers' Google Now, to get an idea of ​​its functions before downloading it. Despite its qualities, power users may bother you very quickly with the launcher as it offers little freedom and almost no customization options. But anyway, this audience is not the main target of Aviate.

Note: Aviate is in the Beta phase, and only works if you get an invite to the app. It can be ordered directly from the app's website. The launcher is compatible with Android 2.3 and higher.

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