AVG study reveals which battery-intensive apps on Android

THE AVG Technologies, a company that develops security solutions for PC and mobile platforms conducted a study with a million devices for 6 months to identify which Android apps that most compromise the power consumption of the device. See which "drum suckers" you use!

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One of the apps on the list is one that most have: Facebook. But the app of the largest social network in the world took the second position. First on the list was Puzzle & Dragons. Instagram, at its latest, appeared followed by Spotify, the music streaming service.

As many of these apps are becoming increasingly complex and feature rich, the performance of the handsets is also severely compromised beyond ideal, says AVG Brazil Marketing Director Mariano Sumrell.

The company has created a formula to achieve this result that takes into account not only battery usage, but also internet storage and traffic. The formula: (storage * 3) + (battery * 2) + traffic. Only the most popular applications were considered in the study.

App Category
Puzzle & Dragons Puzzle
Facebook Social
theChive Entertainment
iFunny J Entertainment
Hay day Family
9GAG Entertainment
Instagram Social
Spotify Music
FarmVille2 Entertainment
8 Ball Pool Sport

AVG also analyzed the battery consumption of iOS and Windows Phone apps, but the results have not yet been released. To fix problems and optimize the battery, AVG recommends installing the TuneUp app.

And you, do you agree with the result? Do you use many of these apps?

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