Avatar is the most pirated film of 2010

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Avatar, the James Cameron film that was considered a blockbuster hit all over the world, is also so with regard to illegal downloads and has just been voted «the most pirated film of 2010».

The title is given to you by TorrentFreak, one of the largest online file sharing communities. According to the service accounts, the film was downloaded 16,580,000 times. The number represents a significant increase compared to downloads made by «the most pirated in 2009», Star Trek (11 million).

The websites of torrents are one of the causes pointed out by the industry to justify the drop in DVD sales, which would expect a significant impact in a case like this. But that was not the case, with the film breaking sales records in markets such as the North American.

Second in the list of the most pirated is the movie Kick-Ass – The new Super Hero, which despite the 11.4 million illegal downloads, does not seem to have had the same commercial luck as the blockbuster by James Cameron.

The podium is completed with the title Inception (The Origin), by Christopher Nolan, which has been downloaded 9.72 million times. Very close to him was Shutter Island (9.49 million), made by Martin Scorsese, who also has Leonardo Di Caprio in the main role.

In the Top 10 most downloaded this year are Iron Man 2 (8.81 million), Clash of the Titans (8.04 million), Green Zone (7.73 million), Sherlock Holmes (7.16 million), The Hurt Locker (6.85 million) and Salt (6.7 million).

Editor’s Note: Clarification was made on the role of the TorrentFreak community