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Available on Mac App Store, new version of Transporter makes developer life easier

If you don't develop for Apple's ecosystems or sell content in Apple stores, you may never have heard of the app. TransporterBut he has always been a hand in hand for the professionals who distribute their creations in the domains of the giant of Cupertino. Now all these people can celebrate.

That's because Apple released in Mac App Store It's a new version of the app that makes it much easier to send content to stores. Previously, Transporter was only available for download from the Apple developer portal and worked via code commands. But its new version, available from the app store, makes the process much simpler and more complete.

Transporter app icon

Now developers and content creators can simply drag IPA or PKG files to the Transporter window and watch them upload automatically to iTunes Connect or the App Store Connect. Once shipped, they can be administered at their respective stores.

The new version of Transporter also features packet shipping status, warnings, errors and logs, as well as a complete history of your uploads for checking at any time.

Transporter can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store, but it is worth noting that it is not yet available in Portuguese. Still, great news, isn't it?