Auxillite accessory for iPhone 7

Auxillite is the most elegant solution for those who want to use wired headsets and recharge the iPhone 7 at the same time

Remember when Phil Schiller became a laughing stock all over the world for suggesting that the solution for anyone who wanted to use wired headphones and recharge the iPhone 7 at the same time would be the Dock Lightning? Yeah.

We believe that a slightly more elegant invention would soon appear in the world, but for a few weeks we had to settle for that bizarre Belkin or that case – which is acceptable, but I understand perfectly if you are not inclined to hide the blinding beauty of your shiny black iPhone 7 (jet black) in one. Well, now this solution is among us, thanks to the indefectible Kickstarter, and it’s called Auxillite.

Auxillite accessory for iPhone 7

The small T-shaped accessory features the smartest design yet to solve the problem the lack of ports on the iPhone 7. The Lightning connector in the middle gives the user another equal port to recharge their device (including even an indicative LED) and a 3.5mm jack, to resuscitate all their good headphones without having to use the Apple’s official adapter and without taking up considerable space.

In addition, Auxillite features a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) itself, which they fit into, who knows, inside their tiny body, to supplant what comes inside the iPhone 7. There is also a special version, called Auxillite S (below), which includes a support for leaving your iPhone in when you want. Oh, and there is a version with Micro-USB, too, for Android users – although the lack of inputs for headphones is not very common on the side of the robot (yet).

Auxillite accessory for iPhone 7

In this financing phase, Auxillite costs US $ 13 for investors, while the S version costs US $ 17; the manufacturers give the forecast of the first deliveries for next December. The $ 60,000 funding target is very close to being met and must have reached that number by the time you’re reading this.

There are still some additional goals: reaching $ 100,000, manufacturers will develop a noise-canceling version; reaching $ 150,000, they promise a water-resistant Auxillite, and if the project gets a $ 300,000 investment, accessories will come in additional colors, such as gold and rose gold – currently, the only ones available are black and silver.

I am still on the team that thinks that if the use of old headphones is so important, the person should perhaps think of a device other than an iPhone 7 – and I am not saying this in demerit of the headphones, but of the iPhone itself. Still, if you can’t handle the urge to get your hands on the new Apple smartphone but want to use your old headset companion, this is certainly the best solution so far.

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