Autumn Equinox is celebrated by Google with Doodle

Autumn Equinox dirayakan oleh Google dengan Doodle

The Autumn Equinox, which starts this Friday (20), is being celebrated by Google with a Doodle on its homepage. The animation started showing on Thursday (19) and shows a squirrel in a balloon being blown away by the wind. The design also displays the typical autumn leaves and the searcher’s logo.

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When clicking on Doodle, the user is directed to the research page on the Autumn 2020 Equinox. The design appears on the Google homepage on the computer and also on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones.

1 of 1 Doodle celebrates the autumnal equinox – Photo: Reproduction / Google

Doodle celebrates autumn equinox – Photo: Reproduction / Google

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The Autumn Equinox marks the transition between late summer and early autumn. It is a phenomenon in which the Sun positions itself on the Equator and makes the day and night have the same duration, as the Earth receives the same amount of light and darkness. He is always in opposition to the Spring Equinox. This means that while the southern hemisphere celebrates the arrival of autumn in March, countries in the northern hemisphere celebrate the beginning of spring.

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The history of Google Doodles

The history of Google Doodles

During the fall, the days become shorter than the nights, as the incidence of sunlight is less than in the opposite hemisphere. The new season starts this Friday, exactly at 12:50 am and runs until the beginning of winter, which will be on June 20, 2020, at 6:44 pm.