Automatically test your computer with the Hardware Probe utility


In the computer world it is common to experience problems involving hardware, be it incompatibilities, natural wear or any other types of defects.

Testing component by component for a possible error is not always a simple task. It is common when someone is helping us through a forum (there in Diolinux Plus for example) ask about the kernel version, what is our system, hardware etc; And the user does not always know how to obtain such information readily.

The utility Hardware Probe it is perfect for such situations, with it you will be able to get information about your components and at the same time carry out a brief automatic test, which can give a clue as to which hardware is malfunctioning.

In addition to checking the operability of your computer, you contribute a hardware database on Linux, helping to study Real Reliability Test on HDD / SSD and the Linux developers.

When running the test (after installation an icon will appear in your system’s menu), the terminal will open and a permanent URL for viewing the probe from the computer will be generated, copy and open in your favorite browser. With several useful information for diagnosing possible problems, this data can be shared for component queries (devices), logs and peripherals of the hardware in question, simplifying the whole process.

Something to note is that your personal data is not captured by the Hardware Probe, maintaining anonymity and collecting only necessary information, so rest assured that IP addresses, MACs, serials, hostname, username, etc; They will not be collected.

Installing the Hardware Probe utility on your system

THE Hardware Probe is officially available on your Github in several formats, RPM, DEB, Snap, AppImage and the Flathub people also made it available in Flatpak.

At the Linux Mint search on Application Manager per: «Hardware Probe”And install the Flatpak version that will appear in the store.


Hardware installation Probe Flatpak via terminal.

flatpak install flathub org.linux_hardware.hw-probe

At the Ubuntu search on Ubuntu Software per: «Hardware Probe”And install the Snap version.

Hardware Probe Snap installation via terminal.

sudo snap install hw-probe 

If you want the Snap version on Linux Mint or other distros, see how to add support to your system in the following post.

As previously stated, there are other formats like RPM, DEB and AppImage, you can download them directly from the project’s Github through this link, however I tested the software on two different versions of AppImage and at least on Ubuntu it did not work, in Flatpak and Snap its operation was perfect.

With this utility it will be very simple to share information about your hardware and system, so I always advise when posting any questions about a problem with your hardware on Diolinux Plus forum, add the URL together with the information, so people can have a base when it comes to helping you.

And did you know the Hardware Probe? How about continuing this discussion about this program over our forum Diolinux Plus?

I wait for you until the next post, here on the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY! ?

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