AutoMate App turns any Android into an Android Auto

Weeks ago Google launched the Android Auto app on Google Play, but there's only one problem: it only works in conjunction with a Head unit, ie only with a multimedia system pre-installed in your car. Other than that, it serves no purpose. But now you can have the Android Auto experience on your smartphone or tablet, or nearly so. Through an application called AutoMate, which simulates the interface and functions of Android Auto on any Android without you having a Head unit, the user can use a launcher identical to the Google system that fits on any device.

Automate app
Meet AutoMate. / ANDROIDPIT

Since Android Auto was shown last year, this developer has started working on the AutoMate app. Today, finally a beta version of the app has been made available on Google Play. Obviously, being beta, many functions have not been implemented or are in error. Also, the app is common to lock or close alone.

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The AutoMate Beta Interface. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>AutoMate is practically a launcher: it even has an option to be the default Android launcher. Like Android Auto, it has 5 main navigation icons below the interface: GPS Navigator, Links, Home screen with Google Now cards, Music, and Favorites.</p>
<p>In the GPS navigation part, it has its own interface, identical to Android Auto, where the user can type or speak the address using the voice recognition of the phone. Then just click on the navigation icon to open the map.</p>
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In the contacts section, which appear in the background, we still find 3 other icons in the front: history, keyboard and once again contacts. You can also use Google Now Voice commands to call someone. Already in the music part, the application shows 3 other icons: play, return and advance. It is good that although it natively opens Play Music, if you are using another player, the recognized app and commands work as normal.

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Play Music is already integrated with AutoMate. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>There are several options, such as leaving it with the screen always on, immersive mode, reading SMS, choosing volume, brightness and so on. It still has a lot of bugs, but has good usability and undoubtedly already the best launcher to use in the car. Its intuitive interface and very large and beautiful cones make driving a lot easier.</p>
<p>Since the app is still a beta, you must first join the AutoMate Google+ community; Then I need to sign up to be a beta tester here. That done, download the app from the Play Store here. Remembering that you need to do all this without logging out of your Google account.</p>
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