Autodesk updates software portfolio for different areas

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Autodesk has updated its portfolio of software, namely presenting advanced versions of more than 25 products, with the aim of helping designers, industrialists, engineers and architects to «create, manage and share their data and digital assets more effectively», he says in a statement.

For the industry area, Autodesk’s proposals go through the software mechanical design Inventor 11, the Autodesk Showcase business visualization product – resulting from the recent acquisition of Alias ​​- and the application of 2D mechanical design AutoCAD Mechanical 2007, among others.

In the sector of geographic information systems, the new products include the Autodesk Map 3D platform, Autodesk Civil 3D, for the intelligent relationship of objects, and Autodesk Raster Design 2007, which according to the company edits and vectorizes digitized drawings without the need for expensive re-creation. .

With regard to the area of ​​architecture and civil construction, Autodesk claims to have completed the architecture and construction information model (BIM) and now offers solutions of this type on the Revit platform. «BIM has revolutionized the way architects, engineers and designers collaborate and, to help its clients in the architecture and construction sector realize their competitive advantages, Autodesk now presents a new series of products that joins AutoCAD 2007 with products based on Revit thus providing the best offer for BIM «, he says in the statement.

New architectural and construction products include Autodesk Revit Building 9, specifically designed for BIM, which allows architects and designers to work in construction holistically, rather than doing it separately across floors, sections or elevations, and the software animation, interpretation and 3D modeling Autodesk VIZ 2007, among others.

«With new efficiencies, reduced errors and collaboration between teams, our customers will be able to bring their innovative ideas to market faster, while remaining competitive while improving ROI,» said Carl Bass, COO of Autodesk, in communicated, commenting on the update of the offer portfolio.

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