Autodesk Strengthens Structural Engineering Solutions with Acquisition of Robobat

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Autodesk announced yesterday that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Robobat, a French company located in Grenoble, specializing in analysis software for structural engineering. The purchase was going to cost Autodesk $ 33 million (about € 26 million), delivered in cash.

According to a statement, the acquisition will improve Autodesk’s current offer in the field of structural engineering, especially in AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit Structure, but the advantage of integrating solutions for this sector is also mentioned.

The Robobat ROBOT Millennium solution was already integrated into Autodesk Revit Structure and the French company had already created steel and concrete development modules for the AutoCAD platform. With the acquisition, new solutions will be developed for the structural engineering area that include the technology of the two companies, but Autodesk has already committed to continue supporting the current Robobat product line, with more than 10,000 licenses issued in more than 100 countries. .

Also in August, Autodesk had announced its financial results for its second quarter, with a growth of 21 percent over the same quarter and sales of 450 million euros, approximately 350 million euros.

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