Authorization to hold today’s special event at Steve Jobs Theater was given the day after the invitation was released

New video shows the Steve Jobs Theater ready to receive the audience at the event on the 12th

As we know, today’s Apple special event will be the first of many in the Steve Jobs Theater. Incidentally, the theater itself will be part of this great event after all, Apple Park as a whole arouses a lot of curiosity since the beginning of its works and many are eager to get to know one of its main pieces, which honors the late co-founder and ex-CEO from the company.

Many people (and I include myself in this) did not imagine that there would be time to hold the event in the famous space. This is because, as we well know thanks to the monthly drone overflights over Ma’s new campus, there is still a lot of work to be done there and we are relatively far from the end of the works. Still, Apple rushed to get as many things as possible ready to the point of making the event live in its new auditorium. And it was close, as reported yesterday VentureBeat.

According to records from Cupertino City Hall, Apple has requested a temporary occupancy permit for the theater, located at 10501 Avenida N Tantau, in Cupertino, on 8 August. This license indicates that the structure has been inspected, although there is still work to be done (which, exactly, has not been specified).

The document was signed on September 1 (perhaps a special request from Apple to insure the release, so as not to spoil the surprise) by Albert Salvador, an employee of the Cupertino construction department, and indicates that all protection systems against fire and security have been verified. Thus, Apple will be able to temporarily use the auditorium, loading ramp and lobby for a practical demonstration area (hands-on).

Here is the license obtained by her:

The first page covers the Steve Jobs Theater; the second (in July) appears to be a temporary occupation permit for the campus as a whole. It is unclear whether Apple has already received a final authorization to occupy the ?spaceship? or whether it is still using that temporary.